Friday March 15: The Socialite – Beautiful Chaos (The Madness of March) @ Winston’s Supper Club

Friday March 15: The Socialite – Beautiful Chaos (The Madness of March) @ Winston’s Supper Club post thumbnail image



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The Madness of March: Beautiful Chaos

Friday March 15th

3111 Welborn St.
Dallas, TX. 75219


This weekend is one of the most exciting weekends for all college basketball fans as their teams fight for a chance to play in the Big Dance. This year Dallas is hosting the SWAC Basketball Championship that brings in Black College Basketball fans from all over the region into our city. Come join some of your favorite promoters as we come together to celebrate this weekend and represent our Universities all in the same building.

Who’s coming?: 

Social Butterflies & Sophisticates
nightlife vixens & connoisseurs of cool/fashionistas
& progressive thinkers/movers & shakers/trendsetters &
tastemakers. In other words, all the right people
to create the perfect setting to start your weekend
off the right way, with you…the Socialite.


* Mature Audience Only

Fashionable Attire (Jeans are allowed if styled the right way.)
**KEEP IN MIND: Dress code is strictly enforced, & we Reserve
the right to be selective. If you’re not dressed right,
this is not the right spot for you. Door personnel will assess
your attire for access into Winstons.

For Complimentary Admission

Men FREE before 10:30PM 
& Ladies FREE before 11PM
1) Please include full names & email addresses of all your guests.
* Incomplete RSVPs will not be honored.
2)RSVP’s must be received by 7PM March 15th
*Discounted Bottle service before 11PM
*Groups of 6 ladies or more receive special bottle discounts
Bottle Service & Info:: Chris Stribling 972.365.1364
***RSVP does not guarantee admission!!! If you do not meet our 
Standards in your style and dress admission will not be granted.***

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